Olymer was evaluated by methylthiazol tetrazolium method. viagra pills expiration The transfection efficiency evaluation of the cp copolymer was performed using luciferase activity assay. generic viagra for daily use Cellular internalization of the cp/dna complex was observed under confocal laser scanning microscopy. buy viagra canada The targeting specificity of the polymer coupled to peptide was measured by competitive inhibition transfection study. The liver targeting specificity of the cpt copolymer in vivo was demonstrated by combining the copolymer with a therapeutic gene, interleukin-12, and assessed by its abilities in suppressing the growth of ascites tumor in mouse model. viagra pills Results: the results showed that the liver cancer-targeted specific peptide was successfully synthesized and linked with cp to form a new targeted gene delivery vector called cpt. cheap generic viagra The composition of cpt was confirmed and the vector showed low cytotoxicity and strong targeting specificity to liver tumors in vitro. The in vivo study results showed that interleukin-12 delivered by the new gene vector cpt/dna significantly enhanced the antitumor effect on ascites tumor-bearing imprinting control region mice as compared with polyethylenimine (25 kda), cp, and other controls, which further demonstrate the targeting specificity of the new synthesized polymer. low cost viagra generic Conclusion: the synthesized cpt copolymer was proven to be an effective liver cancer-targeted vector for therapeutic gene delivery, which could be a potential candidate for targeted cancer gene therapy. Keywords: targeting, peptide, polyethylenimine, chitosan, antitumor post to: cannotea citeulike del. buy generic viagra online Icio. is buying viagra online legal Us facebook linkedin twitter   other articles by professor jian-qing gao effective transcutaneous immunization by antigen-loaded flexible liposome in vivo toxicity evaluation of biodegradable chitosan nanoparticles using a zebrafish embryo model readers of this article also read: gold nanoparticles: from nanomedicine to nanosensing degradable gene delivery systems based on pluronics-modified low-molecular-weight polyethylenimine: preparation, characterization, intracellular trafficking, and cellular distribution degradable polyethylenimine derivate coupled to a bifunctional peptide r13 as a new gene-delivery vector effects of diet-induced obesity on protein expression in insulin signaling pathways of skeletal muscle in male wistar rats oleanolic acid liposomes with polyethylene glycol modification: promising antitumor drug delivery influence of microenvironment on cell adhesion, polarization, and migration superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles: magnetic nanoplatforms as drug carriers nanocalcium-deficient hydroxyapatit. order viagra on line viagra cost
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